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Born in Montreal, Roxane Cyr is passionate about training and the health of the human body.

She has over ten years of experience in fitness and has spent the last few years training with the world-renowned osteopath Guy, MD. Its objective is to bring an intelligent and specific approach to each individual in his conquest towards the path of general health and Rehabilitation.

Roxane has practiced Pilates, martial arts and Olympic lifting for several years. Nowadays, Olympic rings and gymnastics constitute the majority of her training. Her continuing education focuses on advanced biomechanics, which positions

Roxane Cyr as a leader in Soma training. This training methodology makes it possible to have an invaluable body consciousness and related knowledge.

What is Soma training?

Soma training advocates a holistic approach that aims to improve and maintain the balance between the different forces of compression and tension of the body, in order to maximize all its physiological functions.

The Soma training includes various techniques and exercises, such as the Eldoa (longitudinal stretching with décoaptation osteo-articular), which aim to improve the balance of the spine, as well as the stretching myofascial, the strapping, Cardio training, proprioception exercises, precise circulatory gymnastics, and respiratory training.

All in order to help increase your training capacity and general well-being.

Because of this aim to increase the efficiency of the capabilities of all, the Soma training can be adapted to the specific goals and needs of every one each.

Who is Soma training for?

It is aimed at all people who are concerned about their health, their well-being and who wish to maximize their potential.

Consisting training will help you:

• Get back in shape;

• Lose weight, when accompanied by a training and nutritional plan;

• Improve your cardiovascular capacity;

• Relieve and prevent joint and muscular pain;

• Optimize your recovery following surgery;

• Correct problems related to poor posture;

• Improve and maintain scalability; Alleviate digestive, respiratory and circulatory disorders


“When it comes to personalized workouts, Roxane is there to really pay attention to your unique physiological strengths and weaknesses. I have been a client for 4 years now, not only because she is knowledgeable, passionate, and motivating, but also because I feel noticeably stronger and healthier!”

Arianne Handelman


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My mission is to make you aware of the importance of maintaining a proper exercise regimen on a daily basis. I have your health and well-being to heart!

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